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Cryptic fill-in-the-blank

Here's a kind of puzzle I've dreamed up. Someone might have thought of this already, but I don't recall seeing anything quite like it before.

Each item in a puzzle is an obscure or cryptic phrase. Your job is to insert the first and last name of a famous person into the phrase so that it becomes two familiar names or phrases. Watch out for homonyms, elisions, and downright nasty puns.

Let me know if you can solve any of these. Each puzzle has a theme, but telling you the theme would make it too easy.

1. Doubting Airplane
2. Henry Avenue
3. Super Indians
4. By League
5. John, Arizona
6. Justice the Right Place
7. George Vacuum
8. Dirty Show

1. Darling Buds of Wing
2. Cash and Wood
3. Block on the Keys
4. County Play
5. L.M. Hanger
6. Edmund Austin
7. Captain Fir

1. Jack Reed
2. Hey and Order
3. Raul Rules
4. James Tease
5. Apple Ball
6. Last Cats
7. Dill Grapes