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Not one, but two recent articles to tell you about:

"National Tournament Returns" is a piece for SPU's Response alumni magazine about the gymnastics team. We went to press before the national tournament; the team placed second despite being without its leading scorer.

"Film as a Healing Exercise" takes a look at a unique documentary film festival. This is my first online article for Christianity Today.

Ridiculous church promotion of the month

This church is four blocks from my house, and here's a flyer they left on my doorstep the other day. I don't think I'll be paying a visit anytime soon.

It isn't the geographical confusion that bugs me, although that is an odd name for a church in a suburb about four miles beyond the northern edge of Seattle proper. But if Major League Baseball will allow Southern California's American League team to call itself "the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim," I guess this is OK too.

I'll also give the benefit of the doubt to the "great, Christian millionaire businessman" guest speaker. There's nothing intrinsic to being a millionaire that makes you a good speaker or gives you anything to say that's worth hearing — but the guy might be a good speaker anyway, and I have nothing against millionaires as a group.

But giving away 52-inch flat-screen TV sets? Are churches so desperate for new blood that they'll use extravagant creature comforts as inducements? Why weren't these TVs sold and the money given to the poor? Argh. (And no, unlike Judas, I don't say that because I want one of the TVs. I got a 55-inch TV for free on Craig's List, but decided there's no place in my house to put something so large, so I gave it away.)

Serves 'em right, say I, if the TVs went to people who took them home and will never darken the door of Seattle Baptist Church again. Isn't the Gospel the Good News? And shouldn't good news be all the inducement anybody needs?


The last thing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wants to hear

"Hey, Al. You look like you could use a break. You know, get away from it all. What do you say we go out this weekend and shoot some quail?"
——Dick Cheney