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Georgia on my mind

There's a lot I could say about my recent trip to Tbilisi, but for now this will have to suffice: My entire family, including my 16-month-old son, Sebastian, made the news there. How cool is that?

Molly Lions came to the 10 GIFT Festival with the play Most Notorious Woman. It is a one-woman play based on the remarkable life of the last great Irish queen, Granuaile, or Grace O’Malley. The play was created, produced, and acted by Molly Lions. The production includes original and traditional music written and performed by Martin Stillion. His wife Sarah, an actor and writer, and their little Sebastian supported him during the trip. It was the first international travel for Sebastian, and his mom said that he enjoyed it and got a lot of beautiful Georgian girlfriends. It was true – every evening in the M. Tumanishvili Movie Actors Theatre the biggest groups of charming international females gathered around the little Prince Charming Sebastian!

The article isn't kidding about my son's "beautiful Georgian girlfriends." Here's some evidence.