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Where's Will?

Please pause for a moment to mourn the demise of one of my favorite Web sites, and one which I found extraordinarily useful:


This site was nothing more or less than a fully text-searchable compendium of the works of William Shakespeare. Type in a phrase and you could see at a glance what play it was from. You could look up any scene or line you wanted, or just sit and read through a play if that was your pleasure. I spent considerable time mining it for quotations, and now that it's gone, I miss it terribly. There are other Bard references online but none of them are half as good.

Anyone know who pulled the plug on The Plays? How can we get it back? I'm willing to help.

I would insert a Shakespeare quote here, but I no longer have my favorite tool for looking them up. See how annoying that is?


Blogger Martin said...

OK, I'm back in business. Found another Shakespeare site. The text layout isn't as nice as ThePlays.org, but the search function is more robust. Here she is:

Open Source Shakespeare

7:11 PM  

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