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Admired Miranda!
Indeed the top of admiration! worth
What's dearest to the world!

The world will little note nor long remember Miranda, but she was the best pet I've ever had. For 10 years Sarah and I were fortunate to share our lives with the most gentle, beautiful, sensitive, loving, loyal animal imaginable. She was taken from us far too soon, a victim of kidney failure, on Monday, July 25.

If not overwhelmed by grief, I am at least very, very sad. And right now I wouldn't want it any other way. Tears are all I have left to give Miranda, and I'm going to make sure she gets plenty of them.

But you, O you,
So perfect and so peerless, are created
Of every creature's best!

*The Tempest, III.i.


Blogger Michael Crowley said...

Never let anyone try and tell you that mourning an animal as you mourn Miranda is somehow wrong, or that losing her is not as important as losing a human being. While it's true that Miranda is a cat, not a human, irregardless of distinction she is dead, and if you loved her losing her is going to hurt. Don't be afraid to sing a blues for Miranda, or pray that Jesus will grant her rest. God doesn't mind. It's humans you'll need to watch out for.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey Overstreet said...

Martin, I am very sorry for your loss. We lost three pets in the space of six months a couple of years ago, two to cancer (cats) and one to old age (an 11-year-old dwarf bunny, the oldest our vet had ever seen!) I'm STILL recovering from that period. I'm sure you gave Miranda a happy life and a comfortable home. You folks are just too kind to accept anything less.

8:55 PM  

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