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I wonder what goes in this space?


His Master's Voice?

This would appear to be the working cover art for the eternally forthcoming CD by U4ic, the manufactured worship band I was once in (back when it was called Loudmouth Worshippers).

Interesting cover, although the dog looks anything but euphoric. He looks more like he's just spent two and a half weeks overseas on a band tour that didn't turn out quite as promised.

I know that's a plastic veterinary collar meant to keep the dog from licking or biting some part of his body that has received medical treatment. And as a former member of this band, I am familiar with the sort of desperation that makes one consider chewing off a limb. Nonetheless, I keep thinking that someone has taken Nipper, the old RCA mascot dog, and rammed his head through that phonograph horn.

Given that the CD in question has at this point been in the works for something like three years, I'd like to nominate some more appropriate cover art.

Oh, and the record label that keeps threatening to release this CD has also changed its name. Apparently it's easier to rename everything than to actually issue anything. If this CD ever, actually, gets a real, bona fide, you-can-buy-it-in-stores release, I'll, I'll ... strip naked, paint myself blue, and pose for a picture wearing one of these collars.


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