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Ridiculous Web site of the month, part 2

Or, Hark! How the heav'nly anthem drowns all music but its own

I know there are a lot of ways to waste time on the Web...

But blogging the entire text of a Jimmy Swaggart book has got to be one of the silliest.

If you thought Swaggart just had it in for rock'n'roll, you're mistaken. The book also heaves a few brickbats at Southern gospel. In fact, my favorite bit so far is this exchange between the book's co-author, Robert Paul Lamb, and Janet Paschal, a singer who at the time (1986) had ended her six-year tenure with a Southern gospel group called The Nelons for a brief stint as a soloist on the Jimmy Swaggart Evangelistic Team:

R.P. - If you could change the gospel music circuit in any way, knowing what you know today, what changes would you make?

Janet - I would probably eliminate about three-fourths of the people now singing gospel music.

Gotta love that. I just can't shake the image of Janet bursting into an SGMA convention with an assault rifle. Of course, shortly after the book was published, Janet left Swaggart's team and went back to Southern gospel, where she's been quite successful. Those gospel folks must be a forgiving bunch.


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