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Ridiculous Web site of the month, part 4

Jesus Junk ... in Space!

In December 1969, Jesus Movement evangelist Arthur Blessitt decided to take up his cross. Literally. He put a wheel on an 8-foot wooden cross and has walked over 37,000 miles with it, visiting 305 countries in the process. Wherever he goes, he preaches.

OK, so that's a little unusual, but I can respect him for it. However, now that Blessitt has pretty much covered the globe, with only a few remote islands left to visit, he's started to think about the next step. What lies beyond. Something that isn't so ... terrestrial.

So he cut a couple of slices off his cross, made a 2-inch mini-cross out of them, and is planning to launch it into orbit on a commercial satellite—along with the Bible on microfilm and a couple of fluorescent "Jesus stickers." They'll be up there circling the earth along with Timothy Leary's ashes and the socks missing from your dryer.

I suppose Blessitt has every right to do this. There are no laws protecting the cross. People can wear it around their necks, or drag it around the world, or put it in a vat and pee on it and call it art, or burn it on the neighbor's ... on second thought, there are limits on what you can do with the cross.

Now, do I think sending the cross into space desecrates it? No, but it's pointless. Absolutely pointless, and not too cheap besides, I would imagine. Dammit, Blessitt, if God wanted a cross in space, he would have put one there.


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